• I honestly don't understand a single thing. How do I play this game?

    Visit the Tutorial. I recommend you read it, whether you understand how to play or not, especially if you're planning on making adventures.

  • I'm trying to host/connect to a lobby, but it simply isn't working.

    First of all, try hosting/connecting multiple times. If none of your friends can connect to your lobby, or you can't connect to a lobby, that might be because of the following:

    • You don't have IPv4, and you only have IPv6
    • Your router is being very restrictive

    Make sure the host of the lobby port forwards 38694, switches their NAT to something other than a symmetric NAT, or gets an IPv4 IP. I can't really explain what any of those mean.

  • I want to change the controls/I want to use a controller.

    Go to the settings, and setup the Alternate Key Bindings. Click the button next to each control, and click the button you want to set to that control. Most joysticks/controllers should work, but none of them are configured by the game automatically.

  • How do I share my stuff (blocks, players, arenas, and adventures) with others?

    All the objects are separated into folders, called blocks, adventures, arenas, and players. You'll find all of your files inside these folders. Just share the file with a friend, and tell them in which folder to put it.